Bleach: The Awakening

The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Kei Karusha

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Kei Karusha

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PostSubject: Kei Karusha   Kei Karusha I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 13, 2010 10:46 pm

Shinigami Registration

Name: Kei Karusha

Rank: Captain of 5th Squad

Age: 478

Gender: Male

Division: 5th Squad

Zanpaktou Name: Gato Congelato

Personality: Kei is one that keeps to himself. Out of
the rest of the Gotei Thirteen, he is quiet, does not like to boast or
talk about how tough or powerful he has gotten. He is one that gets
along with most, if not all, and cooperates all the time. But he does have those random occasions. See, when he was young he was diagnosed with a sort of extreme ADD with a more...sudden blast of energy. It was a rare disorder, kind of turrets b ut in stead of saying a random thing over and over at random times, he more or less gets a random energy burst and gets say the lease.

Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan, 2487 Brockridge Street

Birthday: July 27th, ???? (Dont know what a good year would be....)

Natural Race: Caucasian/Asian mix; Human Being

Family/Relatives: Haru Hiro (Brother)


Likes: Kei is one that likes Soft walks ont eh beach, being alone to be able to think and a nice book to read. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact him at 546-879-9889 or meail him at

Dislikes: People that act like idiots or are very very annoying or bitchy

Crushes: Well...ive always found that a Females eyes are what draw me in the most...mainly Green eyes...sometimes Blue...or even hazel...Then as a typical stereotypical guy to you probably, you think i go for the breasts and then the ass, am i right?

Specialties: could think of me as a one to help others...

Hobbies: Hobbies? uhm...rather hard to say...

Favorite Food: Lasagna, Spaghetti, Pizza

Favorite Music: Rock, mainly within the lines of Breaking Benjamine, New Found Glory, Guns N' Roses, Rise Against, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, and many others.

Forte in Sports: I am more one for the Sport of Soccer, or as the British and French call it, Football.


Picture of Character:

Height: I am a nice height of Five Feet and Nine Inches tall.

Weight: With my slender figure, I am actually that of a One-Hundred and Eighty Seven Pounds.

BloodType: I have a O Positive Blood type, in case any blood transfusions may be needed in this RP world.


Fighting Style: Dont really know what you mean by that....

History: Kei was but a young man when his life
was tragically taken from him, it had been a carefree peaceful day, until the
incident. The plan had been simple, to visit his grandmother and grandfather
who lived within the city of Tokyo for his sixteenth birthday, he would depart
on the earliest flight available as to be there the majority of the day. From
what he could even remember of the blur which was his day of death, was that
the cues within the airport were particularly bad, in an effort to even get
passengers to their flights some were permitted to skip the customs and
security checks, a certain group of people that would ultimately cause a
disaster, were among those groups. But
alas the mundane parts of this story have to move on, after checking his luggage
and stepping upon the plane Kei was shown his seat, it happened to be an aisle
seat, second class towards the back of the plane, it wasn’t the best seat one
could have hoped for, however it did provide him with enough distance to just
drown out the cries of the children of the tantrums that were sure to occur
from any toddler that would be riding on this particular flight that day.

Most of the flight passed uneventfully,
Kei’s knee however received a bashing once or twice from the passing food cart,
flight attendants that were obviously not paying close attention to their jobs,
or otherwise just did not care, it would leave a nasty bruise in the long run,
but nothing too serious.

The calm was over all too soon though, as sounds from first
class echoed back into the farthest reaches of the cabin, it sounded like large
bangs, firecrackers maybe, no why would firecrackers have even been on a
commercial flight, before Kei could even contemplate it any further all sound
literally ceased followed by a deft thud right next to the curtain separating second
class from first, something could be seen slipping from beneath it, running
along the ground, Kei assumed it to be that a stewardess had spilled a drink,
perhaps some brandy, if he was closer he could have seen the hand that slide
from under the curtain, the pool of blood that slowly slipped from the lifeless
body threatening to roll into full view of everyone. Others closer to the
curtain seemed to be panicking while others were screaming while looking out
the windows. Suddenly a large whistling sound could be heard as if someone was
trying to blow a spit ball through a straw, the cabin began to shake, screams
echoed out then….blank, darkness, all light was literally snuffed out at that

The even that took place that day would be in the papers of
every major newspaper for months after that, a terrorist attack right over the
skies of Tokyo, a commercial airline plane hijacked and used to crash into one
of Japan’s most iconic monuments, the Tokyo tower.

Sample Chapter:
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