Bleach: The Awakening

The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Arrancar/Hollow Template

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Kohana Hirikano
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1st Division Captain Commander
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Arrancar/Hollow Template Empty
PostSubject: Arrancar/Hollow Template   Arrancar/Hollow Template I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 10, 2010 12:15 am


Age {May not be over 1,900 years old unless applying for Espada}
Visual Age:

Zanpakutō's Name:
Innate Ability:
Status Ranked: -{Menos, Gillian, Adjuchas, Vasto Lorde-available to only a few-}
Personality: -{Explain how your character behaves in certain areas with others or themselves.}
Natural Race:
Remains of Hollow Mask:
Tattoo Location: -{Applying Espada Only}
Aspect of Death
Cero Color:
Gran Rey Cero Color: -{Applying Espada Only}
Appearance -{Give us an image or type what your charrie looks like.}
Story -{Give us at least 2 paragraphs on what your character does or do from birth to present.}
Fighting Style:
Rp Sample -{Only if you are requesting for an Elite Spot such as Espada.}
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Arrancar/Hollow Template
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