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The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Doragon, Rykiske

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9th Division Captain
9th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Doragon, Rykiske   Doragon, Rykiske I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 7:09 pm

(Applying for captain rank)
Name: Doragon, Rykiske
Alias/Nicknames: Kiske, Ry

Age: 545
Visual Age: 21

Zanpakutō's Name:Zekayuu
Personality: Rykiske is usually pretty positve, constantly trying to find the silver lining in every situation. He's also sarcastic and likes to keep to himself for the most part. He gets along well with others and is one to resolve, rather than, start conflicts
Birthday: January 18
Birthplace: Karakura
Natural Race: Human
Family/Relatives: His immediate family all died for different reasons. He has yet to meet any other family members in the afterlife
Appearance –

Height:6, 5”
Story - Rykiske was born into a huge family with over 18 brothers and sisters. His family was rich yet, his parents were very modest with the money they made only living small lower class houses. Because of the immense size of the family, this wasn't exactly practical so, they made a sort of game out of the "situation" so to speak. Because his parents chose to live in such small houses, they would split the number of children in half and had each half live with either the mother or father. Of course, the houses were never far apart. They were always close enough so that the children or the parents could walk back and forth whenever they felt like it. They would often shift which kids stayed with their mom and which with their father every week. Not to be mistaken, the parents weren't separated nor divorced, this was just something they did. Now, to get back on track, Rykiske was the youngest of the family and was often ignored for he never seemed to be visible when grouped together with his siblings.

He would often get away with everything because no one noticed him. To be honest, he did get attention from his family members, just not nearly enough to be considered loving in any way. The only one in the family who treated Rykiske like their own son was the oldest in the family, Kosuke. Kosuke always made it his business to fish out little Rykiske from the crowd and make sure he was taken care of. Kosuke quickly became Rykiske's only bridge of communication to his parents as he was always able to get their attention. They would often apologize to Rykiske for not getting to him sooner and they truly meant it but, with so much going on, they could only do so much. By the time Rykiske was seven, Kosuke officially dubbed himself to be Rykiske's surrogate father now tired of trying to get their parents to pay attention to Rykiske. As you can imagine, the age difference was vast. Kosuke was 25 when Rykiske was 7. Rykiske was always a very adventurous kid. He loved to explore and collect things that piqued his interest.

He always spoke his mind regardless of whose feelings would get hurt in the process which would often get him into trouble. It seemed he was always getting into fights in which he won some and lost some. Kosuke believed that this bad habit and behavior could possibly have developed from the lack of attention from their parents. Kosuke tried his best to get Rykiske to stop with such a bad habit but to no avail. Regardless, Rykiske managed to make plenty of friends and he usually led the pack of kids that would often group around him. When Kosuke turned 27, he promptly moved out and moved into a house that was basically between the two houses his parents owned. He did this so he could be close to his youngest brother and give him a chance to have some space for himself. Rykiske was over at his brother's house everyday whether with a smile or sobbing uncontrollably. He knew he could always come to his brother for anything and everything. Being born on January 1st, his 18th birthday signified the worst year of his life.
About a week after his own birthday, both of his parents died in a horrible car accident. Being hit with such a tragedy, Rykiske and all of his siblings were distraught with sadness. With the fortune left to the eldest of the siblings, Kosuke promptly bought a mansion so that he could keep a close eye on all of his siblings without fear of something happening to them. Of course, being that all but Rykiske were in their twenties now, they wanted to all be out on their own. Wanting to respect their wishes, Kosuke gave them each a piece of the fortune and they dispersed to all corners of Japan. Although Rykiske always had trouble connecting with his parents, he always felt that the day would come that he would finally connect with them and the gap in his heart would be filled. He would now never get that chance. Finding it hard to cope, he realized that a lot of his older siblings were having a much harder time accepting what had happened and helped them the best he could to make them feel better.

Unfortunately, over the course of 3 months, five of his siblings commited suicide. Rykiske felt as though his brain would explode. He refused to accept it as reality. It was as though they began to drop like flies and the whole concept was too much to deal with at the moment. When Rykiske saught Kosuke for advice, he would always seem to be in a trance. This scared Rykiske as he never knew his brother to lose his cool. He was always the level headed one in situations like these. If he couldn't turn to his eldest brother, who could he possibly turn to? Feeling conflicted, Rykiske ran away to find an answer, taking some of the fortune with him. Following wherever the wind took him, he tried to find anything that would make happiness return to his life. Feeling homesick after a few days, Rykiske decided to start sending letters home to his remaining family about his intentions and locations just in case he needed to be reached. Kosuke thought that this might be good for him and as such, let him go out into the world.

After about a year, Rykiske got a phone call from a hotel he happened to be staying at. It was Kosuke explaining that he wanted to keep his information to himself as long as he could, as he didn't want his younger brother being struck with depression over it by it. Over the course of the year, every last one of his siblings died one way or another. A few died from illness. Others died from accidents such as at factories, cars, and/or planes. It made no sense. It turns out that after their mom and dad died, many of the family members were reluctant to care about their own health and safety. After hearing the news, Rykiske quickly made it his business to get over to his brother as quickly as possible. But, before he was able to leave the building, A giant, rampaging hollow smashed through the building without warning, instantly killing everyone inside. It wasn't until about a week later, Rykiske awoke from unconsciousness. With a chain protruding from his chest, Rykiske was lost for words as he tried to regain his bearings.

He didn't know what happened to him but, out of nowhere the thoughts of his siblings dying one after the other wrecked his brain with sorrow and despair. It seemed as though every time he closed his eyes while visualizing these thoughts, he'd open them to see the chain link growing smaller, rapidly. Standing there in the pile of rubble for hours, Rykiske suddenly remembered where he was heading. In a pnic, he rushed to his old house which at this point was only a few blocks away. Upon reaching the house, he found the house was completely destroyed. Devastated by the sight of this, Rykiske's legs could not move for quite some time before he finally found the strength to run over to the pile of rubble. When he got there, he tried removing the rubble himself but realized his hands phased through it. It was at this point he realized he was dead. To make matters worse, he saw something that he prayed he would never have to see over the course of his lifetime and that was his dying brother, Kosuke.

Rykiske froze with fear to see his brother laying there motionless and slowly bleeding to death. Kosuke motioned his eyes towards his brother who he could see clearly now that he was dying. "It seems....that in the....end...I couldn't...even protect you...Kiske...I'm...s-sorry..." Those were Kosuke's final words before he died. Rykiske screamed to the top of his lungs. He could not take it anymore. The remaining soul chain shattered and a hollow hole appeared where the base of the chain was attached. He became a monstrous hollow unrecognizable to the animal kingdom. He went on an emotional rampage giving his consciousness to his inner beast, he fell into somewhat of a deep sleep, completely unaware of his actions. He eventually “woke up” finding himself in the Rukongai. Wanting to carry out his family legacy, he wanted to do something great that would put his name in history.

Fighting Style: Dual bladed wielder
Rp Sample (One of my RP samples from New Divide if you don't mind)
"Arrrooooooo!!!" Howling was all that could be heard as Rykiske slept. As his eyes slowly opened, everything he could see was blurry. The only thing that was visible was the bright light of the full moon. Rykiske slowly rubbed his eyes and tried to gather his thoughts, "How did I get out side? I thought I was asleep in my room..." He heard a familiar voice respond to him. "Wake up, fool. We've got trouble."

That insulting tone could be none other than Rykiske's zanpakto spirit, Kagemaru. Apparently, he was in his battle ready form being that he only insulted Rykiske in this form. Rykiske sat up, now being able to see clearly, was face to face with three hollows about the same size, shape, and personality as a full grown wolf. Rykiske was unimpressed. As he slowly stood to his feet, he used this oppurtunity to mock his zanpakto spirit. "Hey Kagemaru, is this your family?" he asked sarcastically.

kagemaru grew angry and snapped at Rykiske, "Just for that, I'm not helping you fight" he responded as he began to ignore Rykiske. Before he realized it, he was being circled by these hollows like how when sharks circle their prey. Rykiske quickly grew nervous as the circle seemed to be closing in and he tried to get his zanpakto's help, "...Uh, hey K-Kagemaru...Y-You know I didn't m-mean what I said right?"

There was no reply as the first hollow made its move and jumped at Rykiske. Acting quickly, he slashed at it, slicing it into two. The two pieces fell to the ground and reassembled themselves into two different wolves. There were now four. " Great, one of 'those' hollow..." Rykiske said sarcastically as he kept trying to get his zanpakto's help.

"Kagemaru, please. I'm sorry..." Still no response. He picked up the sword to his eye level and looked at it endearingly. In the reflection of the sword he saw one of the wolves multiplying. He quickly put the sword down to see that the wolves had multiplied by the hund dreds and began walking towards Rykiske. With no where to run, he jus stood there, closed his eyes and took on a defensive stance. His two hands on the handle of his sword, holding it upright and his arms pointing out in front of him. One of the wolves pounced and grabbed Rykiske's throat in it's mouth. As he gasped for air, everything started blur again when he opened his eyes. He blinked really hard as a reflex for the pain he felt and quickly opened his eyes to find himself in his bed and his zanpakto laying on his throat. He quickly sat up, letting the sword roll off his chest. Luckily, the sword was still sheathed so, no permanent damage was done. As he slowly caught his breath, he loodked at his zanpakto and said, "From now on you sleep under the bed. All I need is for me to put you back up on the mantle above my bed so you can fall in my eye" he said sarcastically
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PostSubject: Re: Doragon, Rykiske   Doragon, Rykiske I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 7:29 pm

>_< Better RP Sample...then ill look the rest of the stuff over o.o
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Kohana Hirikano
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1st Division Captain Commander
Kohana Hirikano

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PostSubject: Re: Doragon, Rykiske   Doragon, Rykiske I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 04, 2010 6:07 pm

The Rp sample seems fine for 9th captain. We both know how good Kiske is^^

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PostSubject: Re: Doragon, Rykiske   Doragon, Rykiske I_icon_minitime

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Doragon, Rykiske
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