Bleach: The Awakening

The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Kashou Wahi

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Kashou Wahi
1st Division Lieutenant
1st Division Lieutenant
Kashou Wahi

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PostSubject: Kashou Wahi   Kashou Wahi I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 11:18 am

Name: Kashou Wahi

Age: 1 194
Visual Age: 20

Zanpakutō's Name: Kageodori
Division: 1th (Lieutenant, if possible)
Personality: Kashou is very loyal person, not betraying his leaders even with torture or threat of dieing. He is a person, who worries a lot about others. He isn't pessimist, but he can always find a downside from things. Even though he is soft, he is very intelligent and a good tactician. Kashou is very honest, almost unable to lie at all. He doesn't forget things easily and can carry a burden towards someone for many years. Even if he has been apologized, he must be convinced, before he really forgives someone.
Birthday: 7th July
Birthplace: Kagamino city
Natural Race: Human
Family/Relatives: Father, mother (both are deceased, of course)
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Kashou was born in a small village of Karakura. He had a father and a mother in his family. In that decade was very peaceful to live, until the bandits came to the town. They stole and murdered anyone, who got into their way. Kashou didn't remember that, being only a 4 years old. His family had to escape to another village called Kagamino. On their way there, something attacked them. Something big and colored with black and white. It had a mask and a hole on it's stomach. Kashou's father stayed to hold it back, letting Kashou and his mother to escape. They made it to the Kagamino and started a new life there.

While Kashou was at the age of 12, he wanted to be a samurai. He wanted to protect people from those like bandits or that creature with a white mask. So, on a one night, he sneaked in a weapon shop and took one of the katana's. He was planning to go to a grass field to practice, when he saw that same monster again. The same monster, that had killed his father. He started to charge at it with the sword, but didn't have a change againts it. His soul was separated from his body. He was scared, but he was saved by one shinigami. His soul wasn't able to be restored into his body, so shinigami had no other choice than make a soul burial.

After he had lived many years at the Rugonkai, in district 30, admiring shinigamis. Kashou wanted to be one of them and used small portion of his day trying to use spiritual abilities. One day, he was able to control properly and passed the exam. He trained in the academy, practicing his using of sword and kido, but forgetting completely hand-to-hand trainings. Kashou was really surprised, that he was selected at the lieutenant of the 1st division.

Fighting Style: Kashou uses his swordsmanship and kido most, but he is pretty weak at the hand-to-hand combat.
Rp Sample: (I put it in here anyway, just in case, that lieutenants need one.(And it's from one Naruto site)

While he was walking among the streets of Kumokagure looking for spa, Yakuzuwa was stunned. ''I've lived in this town for 15 years, and I still cant find the houses, I'm looking for. I should probably buy a map''. After a long, long search, he finally give up and asked the way. ''It's about three quarters into that way. It has a sign, which says ''Spa''. You can't miss it'', a nice old man said to him. ''That's what you think'', Yakuzuwa mumbled to himself when he started to walk to a direction, where man pointed. With the instructions, he finally found the place.

When he discovered an empty fountain, Yakuzuwa climbed into the water. ''Aaah. It is nice to relax in between the missions''. In hot water, he began to reminisce the teachings of his master. He had once said, that you must have time to relax, so that the muscles doesn't get too much pressure. Then he remembered again what happened to him. Yakuzuwa still had a sample of the poison. He would just have to wait mission to another village. While he would complete it, he might also pay a visit at the local poison expert, who might know who had manufactured the poison. If he could find that out, he might also be able to find the user of that poison. And when Yakuzuwa find him ... ''Oh, my thoughts wander again. Focus on relaxation''.

Yakuzuwa before long, fell asleep and began to dream. In his dream, he was fighting against the person, who poisoned his master. At first, Yakuzuwa was winning, but then he got a hit from the poisonous weapon. Yakuzuwa's moves began to get slower as he was hit again and again, until he couldn't move or stand up. His opponent walked towards him as he tried desperately to get up. When he was in front of Yakuzuwa, he raised his katana above his head and started to bring it down. Yakuzuwa's eyes were opened immediately and he jerked forward. He breathed in first and looked anxious around, then sighed. ''The same stupid dream. And the relaxing is ruined for now''. He rose to the fountain and went towards the dressing rooms.
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Kohana Hirikano
1st Division Captain Commander
1st Division Captain Commander
Kohana Hirikano

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PostSubject: Re: Kashou Wahi   Kashou Wahi I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 1:41 pm

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Welcome to my division ^^
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Kashou Wahi
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