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The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Winston Wilson (Done)

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PostSubject: Winston Wilson (Done)   Winston Wilson (Done) I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 19, 2010 4:46 pm

Human Application
Winston Wilson
Alias/Nicknames: D-merc, D-corps


Power's Name: Kuro-n Seichuu
Job/Occupation:Mercenary, who does everything, what he is paid to do. Usually it is to kill someone or steal something.
High-Spec: Can sense spirits from the 50 meter radius.
Winston was once a clever guy. A person, who loved his family and a gentleman, who didn’t let anyone at the danger. But now, after his past experiences, his personality has changed. Winston has become insane and unpredictable, not even always himself knowing, what he is doing. He doesn’t care about other people so much, that he would save them unless it makes him a profit somehow. He also seems to have a really good sense of humor, telling jokes, when it’s not appropriate or wise. But remains of his old personality still remain in him and sometimes, they take over, making him smart and healthy again. Usually it last couple of minutes and then he is back to his present self.
February 2nd
Birthplace: New York, USA
Family/Relatives: Father (deceased), mother (deceased), sister (deceased)

Winston is currently wearing a short, black, open jacket with some red stripes on a horizontal line. Then there is a red Adidas t-shirt under it. He also wears black pants, and red shoes. He also wears red leather gloves, which are good to get blood out of his sword. He keeps his sword at his back, sometimes even in public. Winston keeps his gun at the right side of his waist, again even in a public places. Not wanting to reveal his identity, he wears this mask all the time:
Height: 189 cm
84 kg
Winston was born into a ordinary family at the New York. His father was from America and his mother from Japan. Winston had a sister, who was a year older than him. His life was pretty normal. He went to the school and got good grades. He noticed his ability to see spirits, when he graduated from the school. Winston was lucky and didn't saw any hollows. Once he was 18 years old, he joined the army. Some of the officers, who also saw ghosts, noticed Winston's spiritual abilities. They tried to get him to join their special research group called S.E.R.O (Spiritual Energy Research Ops), which made experiences with spiritual powers. Winston said no, because going into that place would have meant to disappear. And he had a family waiting for him.

Six months from that, something happened. Winston was coming home, because he had a vacation. He was shocked, when he arrived. Winston's whole family were killed. Their blood was spread all over the house. This caused some mental problems to him, but nothing serious. Being depressed by his dead family, he accepted the offer of the army. He flied to the Japan, where the research facility was. He was a subject of some experiments, which gave him abilities, but caused his mental health to swing more towards insanity. For two years, he fought againts spiritual beings, who threatened livings. One night, when he was walking on the halls of S.E.R.O base, he noticed some light in one of the rooms. Winston took a fast look inside and saw a many files left on the table. He started to put them back to the box, but he noticed something.

He saw a file, wherewas his name on top of it. Winston started to read it and was shocked. There was written, that the army had executed his family, so that they could make him to join S.E.R.O. This made Winston to go over the edge, making him completely insane. He pressed the self-destruct button, whichwas made to clean the evidence if some experiment would go wrong, and went to all-out killing spree, slaughtering almost everyone before heading to outside. Winston didn't get far from the building, when it exploded. He had taken a mask from there, before leaving and put it on, swearing to never take it off, taking the name of ''D-merc''. The army covered the explosion with some excuse. Winston traveled to the nearest city, Karakura Town. He started his mercenary business there and has ran it for a five years. He calls it ''D-corps'' and has given a picture, that he isn't only one in that runs it.
Fighting Style: He fights using his swords and his gun, if gets into a fight. He usually tries to assassinate his targets from a distance and away from sight. And of course, one of his weapons is his mouth. He blabbers nonsense during the whole fight, making opponent either to surrender or make suicide.

Winston’s katana, which was given to him from the research team. He is very skilled with it.

Winston's pistol, more precisely SIG P250
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Winston Wilson (Done)
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