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The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Nikolaus Freud.

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Die Kaiser (The Emperor/Bount Leader)

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PostSubject: Nikolaus Freud.   Nikolaus Freud. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 20, 2010 4:05 am

Name: ---
Alias/Nicknames: Nikolaus Freud.

Age: Unknown.
Visual Age: Mid 30's.

Doll's Name: Kraft.
Leader of Organisation XI: Unknown, Niko currently the 4th Elite.
Personality: - Gruff, tactical but quite the inspirational speaker. Nikolaus is often described as charismatic leader sort of person. Rational and quite tactical in thinking as it was a habit of military. His very personality is a shifting cascade of a few, thus, making him quite characteristic to do what he does. Namely, he is cruel, and inhumane when doing things and sometimes a merciful but yet uncharacteristic of his persona. According to his philosophies, he is pretty much a Social Darwinist when conducting things through and through. Years of experience has given him quite an edge on things, especially in warfare, naval his forté, able to deduce things and find out clues more than everyone else due to the fact he has kept his sanity for ever so long in what he would consider a worthless existence. Abiding his time of eternity, waiting all the time. Patience when it comes to Niko isn't thin whatsoever. In fact, he can wait things as long as even thousands of years. He has a belief that good thing comes to those who wait.
Birthday: November 11.
Birthplace: Seireitei.
Natural Race: Bounto.
Family/Relatives: None.
Likes: Smoking pipes, strudel, chewing tobacco, whiskey, tabasco, his admiral's cap, and vogue magazines.
Dislikes: Loud noises, idiots, those who personify a stereotype, the English, the French, dango, and barbarians.
Favorite Music: Classics.
Special Skill: - In a single glance, he can gauge an opponent's strength and their race as well. Making him quite the adept spotter of spies and also it distinguishes him as a man with eagle vision, able to see far and wide.
Appearance - His appearance befits his previous career. He takes the appearance of a Captain of some sort of a ship. In fact, he wears a German U-Boat Captain's had, along with the insignia and everything. He even wears a uniform akin to World War II, being the former Kriegsmarine he is, a military man as some would say. He has the look of a seasoned veteran, followed by a 5 o' clock shadow and a few wrinkles. But those are more aesthetics rather than simply him aging from taking too much souls. He very well appears to be a man in his mid to late-30's or so it seems. A man of experience as one would say. A man of tactics. His hair color is mostly chestnut brown, and his eyes are green but can influx into a red glowing one. He has a scarred eye though, leaving people to speculate how he got such a slice, often wearing an eyepatch over it. It's been said he either got it from the Quincy rival he fought in World War II or from a scuffle with a Vasto Lorde that left him almost dead. Though he stands 6' 3'' feet and weighs 241 ilbs.
Height: 6' 3'' feet.
Weight: 241 ilbs.
Blood Type: AB-
Reproduce: True.
Story - Initially, just about every of his past is shrouded in complete and utter mystery. His age was all that was uncovered out of the science department of SS, being an early experiment with immortality that precedes all Bounts. In fact, a prototype of what was to be created of the Bounts. One of the first born yet somewhat a forerunner for all Bounts through the creation by the usage of alchemy, a creation that went so far back that there was to be no records of him. A very ancient Bounto indeed that has lived throughout the ages, ranging from the time of the Ancient Sumerian civilization all the way to the modern day. Knowledge was to be nothing but memories to him that he may have forgotten. Living so long has granted him a sort of patience that surpasses human patience, and as such, he has become beyond human. Beyond realization. Beyond comprehension. Vaguely recalling the times he has spent on Earth.

If anything, he has known about a lot of things. During his times in the Roman Empire, he claimed the role of Hadrian, becoming an Emperor in fact and was as such, seen as divine due to his Immortality. Although he later 'died' under the help of friends. He would become at a later role, something similar to Atilla the Hun. In fact, donning Atilla the Hun's very shoes, he WAS Atilla the Hun. Infamous for sacking Rome before disappearing right off the map. And so, this cascade of new identities took place, and he finally took a role of an eager submariner commander within the German navy of World War II. His fate was sealed when he was sunk underneathe 12,000 leagues into the ocean within the Pacific. Thought to be dead as his mission was simple; to deliver a priceless artifact to a certain contact in Karakura town, a Quincy double agent. Although due to this failure, he was thought to be dead, the sea was to be his grave. But it wasn't. He was later spotted within the Schutzstaffel acting as a Kriegsmarine attaché, which was quite unusual, commanding the armies to commit a massacre on the American paratroopers in Netherlands, and as such, he later on reclaimed his post as a Kommodre within the navy, disappearing off.

He later returned, due to his history of sinking civilian cruisers and military ships alike. He was wanted as a war criminal all over the world, speculated to be a pirate to a rogue German admiral that survived WWII through constant refreshment of his body by a primitive form of stem cells. He could have shed his identity, but rather, he has grown fond of being known as Nikolaus. His initial name was unknown, even in the posters he was simply shown the picture and the rank of Die Kommodar. Up to now, he is relatively unknown, having escaped to Karakura town where he will hide, and where he will rebuild himself upon the weapons he took from World War II, and as such, that is how he will make his debut. But this time, he works alongside other Bounts, some perhaps more reasonable than the predecessors, or not.

Fighting Style: Military Close Quarter Combat style.
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Nikolaus Freud.
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