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The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Valentina Volpe, La Primera Espada

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Valentina Volpe
La Primera Espada
La Primera Espada
Valentina Volpe

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PostSubject: Valentina Volpe, La Primera Espada   Valentina Volpe, La Primera Espada I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 1:10 pm

Name: Valentina Volpe
Alias/Nicknames: Desert Fox, Lightning Goddess

Age 2,365
Visual Age: 20

Zanpakutō's Name: Zorro de la Tempestad
Innate Ability: Shapeshifting. At any moment, Valentina can take on the shape of a three tailed Yoko, though will appear as a normal silver fox to human eyes.
Status Ranked: Vasto Lorde
Personality: Valentina is energetic and cunning. She loves playing tricks on her fellow arrancar, as well as flirting with the males. She is a bit sneaky at times. She's very playful and never really takes anything seriously. She is a vicious fighter. She fights like an animal when provoked, reverting to a more primal nature. She's often rather cocky and will pick a fight with anything that she knows she stands a chance at defeating. Her cocky attitude doesn't replace her common sense. She apsolutely adores messing with the opposite sex. Due to her looks, she gets quite a bit of male attention. She soaks it up like a sponge. Her biggest pet peeve is her tail. If anybody lays a single finger on it, they are doomed to certian death. Though she comes off as arrogant and cocky, she has a strong sense of duty and will do anything for her brothers and sisters in Hueco Mundo, even if it means her life. She is not one to give up easily.

Birthday: 10/16/1989
Birthplace: Flourence, Italy
Natural Race: Human
Remains of Hollow Mask: A set of jaw bones, both Maxillary and Mandibular bones, on both sides of her face.
Tattoo Location: Her right hip
Aspect of Death- Madness
Cero Color: light blue
Gran Rey Cero Color: Light blue with a hint of crimson
Appearance Valentina is a rather voloptuous young female arrancar. She has long silver hair that goes down to her buttocks. Her eyes are bright yellow with slit pupils, much like a cat's. Her hands and feet are almost animalistic in appearance. her hands are human in shape, but are covered in a thin black pelt. On her palm and on the underside of each fingertip is a hardened pad, much like a dog's. Each finger is tipped in inch long, razor sharp claws. She has two large canine teeth in place of normal incisors. Atop her head are a pair of vulpine ears. They are white in color. Her feet are a little different. She only has three toes on each foot. They maintained a fox-like appearance. She also has a long, plush tail. The fur is snow white and extremely soft to the touch. She is usually dressed in a typical Arrancar's attire. However, her outfit is rather different. Her top is long sleved, and low cut, showing a bit of her cleavage. She wears nothing beneath her thin Hakama pants. This made things more comfortable for her tail.
Valentina Volpe, La Primera Espada IMG_0007

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 116 lbs
Life on Earth::
Valentina was born in Flourence, Italy. Her father died before she was born, so she was raised by her mother alone. She attended school like a normal child, and was quite popular among her peers due to her open personality. When she was fifteen, she fell in love with her boyfriend at the time. This boy was ninteen years old. Valentina's mother did not approve and warned Valentina of the serious risks that can come from her actions. Valentina, being a normal teenager, ignored them. One night, the young man took Valentina to an old warehouse where he and some of his buddies were having a party. She had a good time, drank, and danced. A seemingly harmless night. At least until the guys started drinking a little too much. The guy she was dating made some rather obvious invitations and crude gestures. Valentina became quite uneasy and refused. maybe it was the liquor that made the guy so violent, or it could have been embarassment from rejection in front of his buddies. he shoved Valentina to the floor and climbed on top of her, holding a knife to her throat as he and his friends took turns raping and beating her. Valentina was a frail girl. She died hours later after the guys finished with her. Her soul was full of rage. She stayed bound to that warehouse years after her death, feeding her hatred for the males that destroyed her. Soon the rage became too much and she was consumed by it. He chain broke and a large hole formed in her chest. Next thing she knew, she found herself in Hell. Hueco Mundo.

Life in Hueco Mundo::
When Valentina arrived, she had already mutated into the form of a large White fox. Valentina spent her entire life on her own. She never really bothered to associate herself with other hollows. She craved only one thing. Power. She desired to become an arrancar more than anything. This drove her down a path of death and destruction. She spent the majority of her existance hunting and devouring numerous hollows in order to progress to an adjuchas level Hollow. Her adjuchas form took on the shape of a large fox. She spent her time traveling the desert, trying to become a Vasto Lorde, killing any hollow, adjuchas, or vasto lorde that came her way. That's when she met Hao Aokami. They became quick friends and he trained with her, helping her advance to an arrancar. After that, Hao used the shinigamification process to turn her into a full blown Arrancar. He then disapeared from her life forever. This upset Valentina greatly, but she moved on. She didn't bother dwelling on the past, though she still misses Hao greatly. She now likes to wander around the desert and play tricks on her fellow hollow, causing mischief yet not enough to get her into serious trouble, though deep down, she secretly desires to become a Fraccion to an Espada. She wants the feeling of being important to someone, like she was to Hao. After Hao left, Valentina wandered Hueco Mundo aimlessly. She went into a deep into Las Noches where she fought her way up the ranks to La Primera Espada.

Fighting Style: Ruthless and animalistic
Rp Sample
High atop the city of Karakura, Kohana sat peacefully. The sky, painted grey and black with storm clouds as rain poured down around her. She sat down on the roof then leaned back, her slender arms supporting her weight as the rain drenched her body. Her Shinigami attire clung to her body as her damp blue hair draped over her ashen shoulders. Her pale flesh glistened as beads of water ran down the length of her body then dripped onto the ground around her. Her body shivered slightly as a chilled breeze whisped past her, yet she continued to gaze out at the town below. She tapped her fingers lightly on the roof, each tap following the beat of her heart as the crashing of each raindrop on the surface of the roof created a rhythm all their own. A light smile appeared on her face as she closed her eyes, inhaling the fragrant scent in the air that the rain had carried with it. She brought her right hand up, her left hand now supporting her weight, and lightly brushed a few damp strands of hair from her face. She then returned her arm to it's previous position. She remained on the roof for what seemed like hours, simply basking in the dismal glow of the twilight sky.

Kohana shivered again as the wind started to pick up, the bitter chill biting at her moistened flesh as it chilled her already water-logged clothing. Her golden gaze remained locked on the amber glow of the horizon, only a slight sigh of contentment escaping her lips. Her mind was completely focused on her current thoughts that she didn't even sense the multiple human presences in her midst. Her eyes slightly narrowed, her lids becoming heavy as a flash of lightning streaked across the morose sky, slicing through the clouds like a hot knife through butter. The sound that followed resembled a lion's daunting roar as it boomed then emulated back and forth between the mass of buildings in the town below. Her heard skipped a beat for a moment as the vibrations from an unfamiliar source tickled her sensitive fingertips. The feeling sinuated up her arm then throughout her body, causing her to shudder ever so slightly. She turned her head, only for a second, to glance behind her. She saw the sillouhette of a being, the person's form being concealed by the thickening mist. She sensed the beings aura, noticing it to be suprisingly pure. this gave her a secure feeling, knowing that the being meant no harm. She turned her gaze back to the skyline, a faint smile appearing on her face once more.

She blinked for a moment as the air's visibility became clear. She heard the voice of a young male call out to her, so she lightly turned her head to the left, catching a glimpse of the young man in her peripheral vision. She slowly rose to her feet, her damp garment clinging to every curve of her petite body. As she stood, another bolt of lightning sliced through the tenebrous heavens, parting the inky clouds yet again with ease. Her porcelain flesh seemed to glisten as the glow of the lightning relfected off of the beaded rain drops that collected on her body. Her serene expression remained unphased as the roar of crashing thunder echoed throughout the sleepy borough known as Karakura. Her heterochromatic gaze remained locked on the male as she reached her right hand up once more to move the strands of her saturated azure tresses from her face. She took a couple steps toward the male, her bare feet splashing in the small puddles of chilled rain water that accumulated in the small indentions of the warehouse's roof. she stopped in her tracks, now standing only a couple feet in front of the young man. A sense of tranquility seemed to envelope her as she stood before him. She let out a faint sigh as a gust of chilled wind caressed her delicate form, the cold nipping at her arms and legs. The sharp sensation snaked up her body, then down her spine. The feeling sent a light tremor throughout her body, causing her to let out a faint, inaudible noise. A light crimson hue began to color her previously achromatic face. She let her bangs form a veil over her face, sheilding her embarassment.

Soon the fragrant scent of cherry blossoms filled the area as hundreds of the soft pink petals danced about the dismal sky, the wind being their benevolent puppet master. The petals soon floated gracefully to the floor of the roof as the wind dispursed, they now resembling tiny pink boats as they floated atop the puddles of water around their feet. She gave off a slight smile as she watched the display from behind the veil created by her hair. she extended her right hand, her palm facing upward and her fingers bent only slightly. a single cherry blossom petal fell into her hand. It was moist, yet silky. It remained undamaged by the relentless storm. She curled her slender digits around the petal, being careful not to harm it. She took a couple more steps forward, now standing only a few inches in front of the boy. She recognized him as the young Shinigami from earlier that day. She turned her gaze to him as her left hand extended, her fingers wrapping around his right wrist. Without saying a single word, she turned his palm up and placed the petal in his open hand, then curled his fingers around it as a gesture of peace. She watched for the male's expression, wondering how he would react to her actions. She was pleased to see that he had accepted her gesture of peace. And with that, the male had vanished, leaving behind only the memory and a faint trace of his aura. Kohana smiled softly and returned to her sitting position on the rain soaked roof, watching as the storm carried on it's path in the night.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentina Volpe, La Primera Espada   Valentina Volpe, La Primera Espada I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 1:16 pm

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Valentina Volpe, La Primera Espada
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